Why are there special discounts for people?

If you know that the New York Grand Central is a very big hotel and almost every year, there are more than a million people that visit this hotel for different reasons like some of them come to spend their vacation with their family or friends and while most of them come to this hotel either for a business meeting or for a business trip. This is the main reason why the New York Grand Central hotel is considered to be one of the top hotels in NYC and people are willing to come and stay in this hotel at least one time in their whole life.
Many of the people who have lived in this hotel know about the different kinds of luxuries that they provide and also the different amenities that they have for the people to use so that they do not get bored while just sitting inside of their hotel rooms.
Another thing is that there are some good hotel deals that you can find online for the Grand Central Hotel, but the only thing is that these codes should be valid and should be released officially so that the person can avail the discount code and then jeep some money from the total amount of the bill.